I spent most of my life having a pretty awesome metabolism – although I didn’t think so at the time. Being stick thin (and a ballet dancer) opens up all kinds of questions. But when I turned 20 my metabolism decided to screech to a grinding halt. When I gained the first 20 pounds I was ecstatic – but the weight kept coming. I’ve dabbled here and there with diets, mostly Weight Watchers, but usually lose interest after about two weeks.

But now I realize I have to do something. I don’t want to wait until I feel too far gone. If I stop ‘dieting’ and start working on a new way of living I can make a permanent change for the better. That’s why I’m making a promise to eat well, live well, and be well. By making positive changes to my diet every aspect of my life will be affected. Currently I struggle with exhaustion, joint aches, back pain, headaches – things that can be improved with diet and exercise. Check out my first post to see my promise outline and get an idea of my plan for a better life and overall well-being.

About Me

I’m a 20-something woman just shy of my BA in English. I currently live in a DC suburb but my hometown is York, PA and I miss it terribly. Yes, there are plenty of people my age trying to get far, far away but having lived other places it really isn’t so bad. There’s been a major resurgence of local, small businesses. I love shopping the farmers markets and hitting up the little shops and restaurants that having been popping up all over the place.

Anyway, back to me! I dabble in just about everything. I have always loved fashion and love to create my own unique style. I also love to read. My love of books didn’t start with Harry Potter but it was certainly accelerated by it. Other than the Harry Potter series, my favorite books include East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin (which inspired the HBO series Game of Thrones).

Now that I’m out living on my own, with my wonderful boyfriend of course, I have also become interested in cooking. I’m horrible at following recipes and when I try they spiral out of control into something totally new. Sometimes this results in genius, other times not so much. The genius will of course be shared! I also enjoy gardening with my less than green thumb.


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