Battle for Breakfast

Breakfast and I have never been friends. It’s been a constant battle since sometime in middle school, but of course I know that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” so I’ve been making an effort to eat it.

The egg got a bad rap in the diet world during the whole low-fat craze and never really recovered. It’s not until recently that its become more widely accepted and I still have a difficult time finding recipes that don’t call for “egg whites”, which really is such a waste isn’t it? But back to breakfast… I generally rely on the ‘incredible, edible egg’ most mornings. It’s a good value, can be easily found at trusted farmer’s markets, and is an excellent source of protein. Just ask Dr. Oz!

Why yes, I did eat that whole tomato.

Eggs, scrambled, are one of the first things I learned how to make as a child. Over time I’ve broadened my horizons to omelettes, poached eggs, over-medium, and hard-boiled eggs. Since I’ve been trying to avoid carbs and am still struggling to find some true whole-grain bread I’ve been making a lot of scrambled eggs. Occasionally I mix in some sriracha or onions but I don’t make it much more complex than that.

As a substitute for bread I put a veggie on the side, like a delicious salted tomato. When I’m craving something sweet I have a side of fruit, like strawberries or cantaloupe.

Now that I’m trying to eat better, I also want to try some new breakfast items. Maybe even oatmeal? If anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to hear them!