Dining Out: Mudhook Brewing Co.

I had my first healthy dining out experience Thursday night at Mudhook Brewing Co. I am a huge craft beer fan but usually limit my intake to the weekend. However, they had just released their Sunken Orchard Peach Wheat and I just couldn’t pass up that kind of opportunity.

As for my meal, they have some lesser known healthy options. One of my favorites is the Greek Chicken, which is generally placed on a rather thick Kaiser roll. I tell them to skip the role and end up with a delcious entree, then opt for a side of fruit rather than fries. The Thursday night special was a Sicilian burger, however, so I decided to give that a try. It was topped with roasted red peppers and borsin cheese. Rather than fries, it came with pita wedges and olive tapenade. The tapenade was one of the best I’ve ever had and came with just the right amount of pita to avoid a carb overload. I decided to eat the burger as-is: cooked perfectly, juicy, and flavorful. It’s okay to get the burger on a roll (which is really the biggest issue here) if you’re willing to compromise somewhere else: skip the fries, dessert, or eat a salad for lunch. And also take into consideration portion size. Before you even begin eating cut it in half and set one piece to the side. One thing Mudhook could consider doing for people interested in healthier options is a whole grain bread.

Generally when dining out be sure to ask your server if there are healthier options. Also, the salad might not be the healthiest option for you and make actually have more calories than some entrees. If dining out is a special treat or you’re at a restaurant you may never have the chance to go to again, don’t worry too much. You don’t want to restrict yourself so much that the experience becomes unenjoyable!